Lívia Duleba - flute

Lívia Duleba has performed at concerts in several countries around the globe as a soloist and as an orchestral flutist since she started her career. 

She worked together with the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra, the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra, the Concerto Budapest, the UMZE contemporary music ensemble, the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the Detmold Chamber Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Brandenburg State Orchestra and the Hungarian National Philharmonic under the direction of great conductors such as Nicolaus Harnoncurt, Howard Griffith, Takao Ukigaya, Medeveczky Ádám, Kobayashi Ken-Ichiro, Kai Bumann, Christoph König, Boris Schäfer, Ariel Zukermann, Keri-Lynn Wilson, Péter Eötvös and Zsolt Hamar. 
She was awarded at prestigious music competitions including the Concertino Praga International Music Competition, the Anton Eberst International Flute Competition (Novi Sad), the Kuhlau International Flute Competition (Uelzen), the VI. Michael Spisak International Music Competition (Katowice), the Kiejstut Bacewicz International Chamber Music Competition (Lodz), the VI. International Flute Competition in Krakow and the III. Nicolet International Flute Competition in Guanghzou, German Music Competition 
After graduating at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Lívia Duleba graduated with honors in December 2016, in Prof. János Bálint’s soloist class at the University of Detmold. She further developed her skills with outstanding artists such as Emilio Galante, Gergely Ittzés, István Matuz, András Adorjan, Emmanuel Pahud, Dejan Gavric, Zoltan Gyöngyössy, James Galway, Matej Zupan, Gaby Pas-van Riet, Philippe Benoit, Carlo Jans, Gudrun Hinze, Ulrich Koella, Ingo Goritzki, and Clara Andrada de la Calle. 
Despite her young age, Duleba has already received several recognitions: in 2010 she was selected to the European Union’s program for special talents and a year later she had the opportunity to debut at the Zemplén Festival as an outstanding talent of the Crescendo Summer Institute. Furthermore, she performed with great successes at the Mondsee Festival and the Bayreuth Festival. The artist has received the Fellowship granted by the Republic from the Hungarian State and she was awarded the Fisher Annie Scholarship for the second time in 2017. Her latest excellent achievement was on the Deutscher Musikrat contest where she was granted a scholarship which offers financial support and concert opportunities for her. Her career is followed and supported by YAMAHA. She plays a Handmade silver flute, which the company designed in consultation with flutist András Adorján, allowing the performer to play with a wider range of expression and with the freedom to create her own unique tonal colors. 
Currently the Principal Flutist of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra, and also the member of the Wind Quintet Budapest, founded in 2017.